Emergency Tuition & Fee Loans

Emergency Tuition & Fee Loans

Short-term emergency tuition and fees loans are available to help students get through the crunch at fee payment time. Students can borrow up to the amount of their tuition and fees for a maximum term of 90 days. The loan proceeds are applied directly to the student's account to cover current due charges.

To avoid long lines the week before classes begin and the first week of classes, we highly recommend that students apply for emergency tuition loans early.  The online process can be accessed by visiting the Financial Aid Office website.

Who would these loans help?

  • Students whose financial aid has been delayed.
  • Students whose paycheck is coming the day or week AFTER their fee payment is due.
  • Students who are receiving money from home, but which will not arrive in time to pay fees.
  • Others who have short-term financial problems and who need to pay fees to keep their registration from being canceled.

Who should look for other solutions?

If you are looking for a long-term loan, something that can be repaid after the end of the semester or after you graduate, there are better solutions. Please contact the Financial Aid Office on the second floor of the Pavilion.