Refund Alert:

NEW! Texas A&M has a new refund delivery servicer in FLYWIRE. You MUST set up Direct Deposit with FLYWIRE to avoid any delays with your refunds.
Visit our Refund page to learn the steps and sign up TODAY!

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To view a description of a refund that has been generated on your account, log into the Howdy Portal.

Howdy Portal

Refunds are generated from student accounts for reasons including an account credit from financial aid, fellowship, waiver, exemption, or personal payment. Refunds are issued daily except on university holidays and scheduled maintenance or system processes.

Howdy Portal

How to Set Up Direct Deposit With Flywire

This summer, Flywire will replace Heartland ECSI and become Texas A&M University's new servicer for Direct Deposit and electronic Refunds (eRefunds.) 

This move will make your refund experience better on every front.


1. Log in to using your NetlD and password
2. Select Payment/Refund to be directed to the bill payment suite
3. Go to the eRefunds tab, select Enroll for eRefunds
4. Fill out all required banking information and agree to the Terms and Conditions
5. Click on Submit
6. Review and Confirm

We know you may have already set up Direct Deposit once with Heartland ECSI. But because your direct deposit information WILL NOT automatically transfer from Heartland, you MUST set up direct deposit one more time with Flywire to get your refunds on time and avoid any delays. 

Students who are enrolled for Summer 2022 MUST set up direct deposit with BOTH Heartland ECSI and Flywire.

Flywire Direct Deposit Benefits


  • Efficient Bundling Options - You no longer need to create a different account with a third party to set up Direct Deposit. You can use your NetID and password to log in to the same bill payment suite where you submit your online payments.
  • eRefunds Tab - This new feature, which displays in your dashboard, enables you to sign up for eRefunds and stay updated about all refund transactions.
  • Powered by Flywire - With Flywire streamlining the refund process, your financial aid credit balance will be delivered timely and accurately.


While we do not have an exact date, we know the targeted window for Flywire to begin issuing eRefunds is the first week of July. As soon as we have an official go-live date, we will communicate it to you via text or email.

Refunds will not be generated for students who have not provided their bank account information for direct deposit. Any credit balances will remain on your student account until either the information is provided or additional charges are assessed on your student account to which the credit can be applied. Failure to provide the bank account information prior to a credit appearing on your student account will delay receipt of your funds.

There are several types of refunds that generate from your student account.

Examples of financial aid refunds are:

  • CR40 Title IV Financial Aid Refund - a refund generated from federal financial aid funds
  • CR41 Title IV Plus Loan Refund - a refund generated to the student from a federal Parent Plus loan
  • CR02 Title IV Plus Loan Refund-Parent - a refund generated to the parent from a federal Parent Plus loan
  • CRS0 Non-Title IV Financial Aid Auto Refund - a refund generated from non-federal financial aid (e.g. scholarships, state grants, state loans, alternative loans, stipends/fellowships, etc.)

Refund Timing

Financial Aid 

Refunds begin generating approximately 1 week before classes begin each semester.

Student account refunds begin generating after the add/drop period ends each semester. Student account refunds are generated from credits such as a dropped class, dropped optional charge, or overpayment to the student account.

Refunds are issued each business day with the exception of university holidays and scheduled maintenance or system processes.


Student Account 

Refunds begin generating after the add/drop period ends each semester. Student account refunds are generated from credits such as a dropped class, dropped optional charge, or overpayment to the student account.

Refunds for classes dropped on or before the 5th class day begin refunding on a daily basis after the 5th class day (Summer is the 4th class day). Courses will be refunded at 100% during this time period. These refunds will display on your student account as a Student Account Refund. In July, be sure to add your bank account information with Flywire for direct deposit refunds from the University. 

Please Note: There are no refunds for Q-dropped classes

Parent Plus Refunds


If you have not received your parent plus refund check within 10 business days from the refund generating on the student account, please complete the duplicate check request form and return it to our office. 

Additional Information

If a credit remains unrefunded on your student account for more than 2 business days after the end of the add/drop period, please contact Student Business Services. An example of a student account refund is:

CRS3 Student Account Auto Refund

Student Business Services - Office Hours

8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday-Friday
No appointments either scheduled or walk-in after 4:00 pm
Closed on University Holidays.

Refunds Made to Student Accounts

Because payments are made to student accounts from many different parties, it is impossible to track what payments should be refunded to which parties. We rely on the student to make the correct decision on reimbursing the appropriate parties once a refund has been issued from his or her student account.

Also, students are ultimately responsible for repayment of loans taken out in their name. To avoid future issues, the University strongly recommends that students deposit refunds only to their own bank account.

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