Sponsor Online Portal Process

The new invoicing platform is online and accessible 24/7 for sponsors to view their students’ accounts, invoices, payments, and more. To protect student and sponsor account data, sponsors must set up an account in the new invoicing suite.

Sponsor Online Portal Process

Billing Process  
  • Once a third-party sponsor informs the University of its intent to pay, a conditional credit is placed on the student account in the amount of the charges authorized by the third-party sponsor.
  • This conditional credit does not indicate that the third-party sponsor has made payment and does not release the student from financial responsibility for those charges.
  • Texas A&M University requires a letter from the third-party sponsor acknowledging intent to pay and providing the information necessary for invoicing.
  • Letters must be submitted at least one week prior to the due date of the semester in order to avoid late fees and prevent classes from being dropped.
  • Third-Party sponsors will be invoiced after the 20th class day and will be given 30 days to remit payment.
  • If the third-party sponsor fails to remit payment as agreed, the conditional credit is removed from the student account and the student will be responsible for remitting payment.
Account Activation  
  • Once you are identified as a sponsor, we email you the first invoice along with an activation link to create an account. Third-party sponsors will receive the invoices by email via the Texas A&M INVOICING platform (powered by Flywire.)
  • Select a username and password, and submit them.
  • There it is! Your account is now activated!

Invoices will be sent after the 20th class day of the fall and spring semesters and after the 15th class day of the first summer session.

Per university and state of Texas regulations, all invoices must be paid no later than the final class day of the current term and the day before graduation for graduating students. If payment is not received in our office by that date, the student will be liable for all unpaid charges. Payments made by students will be refunded once payment from the sponsor is received.

How a Payment is Made  

Third-party sponsors will receive the invoices by email via the Texas A&M INVOICING platform (powered by Flywire).

  • Make your payment directly from the invoice by clicking the “Pay now” button and pay securely with ease. You have the option to edit your payment amount for each line item presented on the invoice.
    • Please add a comment or explanation if you are paying less than the invoiced amount.
  • You will be provided with payment options available in your country and location. Payment options include:
    • For U.S.-based sponsors: ACH (e-check) and credit card via secure checkout is provided. 
    • For non-U.S. sponsors: International payment gateway is provided (also for payments by wire transfer):
      • Select your country (including U.S. for wires) and choose from the payment options displayed. Options can include local bank transfers, wire transfers in USD, credit cards, and more.
      • Follow the instructions and remit your payment as instructed.
      • Contact International Customer Support for assistance.
  • Create your login credentials to the INVOICING platform to manage your invoices and maintain all your invoice and payment records.

Payments by Check - mail check along with a copy of the invoice to:

Payment Mailing Address
Texas A&M University
Student Business Services
6001 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-6001


Priority/Overnight Mailing Address
Texas A&M University
Student Business Services - Payment Processing Office
750 Agronomy Rd. Suite 2801
College Station, TX 77843-6001


Sponsor Payments User Guide  
We worked with our partner Flywire to create a user guide that walks you through the process of creating an account, viewing invoices, and making payments online. You can view this document by clicking below.


View User Guide

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