Texas A&M University allows a student eligible for state or federal military financial assistance programs that cover tuition and fees to defer payment if the receipt of military-related financial assistance awarded to the student is delayed due to state or federal delays. (TEC 54.0065, Public Law 115-407, TX-HB 846).
Deferment begins on the first due date of the semester, regardless of when the student applied for it.

To apply for Deferment:

  • You must use state or federal military financial assistance (VA, Hazlewood, TA, ROTC, etc.)
  • Payment of these benefits must have been delayed for reasons outside your control.

How to apply:

  • Complete the form TVC-ED-6
    • Be descriptive when explaining why you are requesting deferment, why your military funding is delayed, and what you have done to resolve the problem.
    • Read and initial each section on page two.
  • Sign, date, and submit the form to one of the following
  • Email:
  • Student Business Services: General Services Complex, Suite 2801
  • Fax – 979-845-9406 


The deferment does not pay your tuition and fees; it only delays the due date depending on what military funding you are waiting on:

  • VA Chapter 33 (Post 9/11 GI Bill) and VA Chapter 31 (VR&E) – 90 days.
  • All other military/veteran benefits – 60 days.


If your funding issues still need to be resolved by the deferment expiration, you must pay all tuition and fees.

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