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One of the main services our department provides is the printing and delivery of ID cards to all members of the university community who need access to various locations on campus. What you need to know about the ID card process varies depending on if you're an incoming student, a current student, or a faculty/staff/retiree.




Incoming Students

The Aggie Card is your official ID at Texas A&M University. After attending your New Student Conference, your Aggie Card will allow you to register for classes, obtain your sports pass for football games and other sporting events and access to numerous campus services such as:

• Residence Halls
• Recreational Center
• Library
• Dining Halls

The MyAggieCard webpage provides you with details about the ID card process from the photo submission online all the way to how to pick up your ID. Click below to go check it out.

Visit the MyAggieCard Website

Current Students

Need to report a lost or stolen ID card? Don't worry, we've got your back. Connect with an Aggie Card office representative immediately via text and let him/her know how you can be assisted.

Texting SBS

Faculty & Staff

Our office also provides ID cards for faculty and staff affiliated with the university. The supervisor or the HR liaison of the employee who needs an ID will have to submit an employee request online at Once the request is submitted, the employee will then need to log into and submit a photo for their new Aggie Card.

Visit the MyAggieCard Website

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