Hazlewood Exemption


As defined in Texas Education Code: Sec. 54.341. Veterans and other military personnel; dependents are eligible for education benefits, including fee exemptions for up to 150 credit hours.


Apply Early to Avoid Delay in Approval

The University encourages students requesting a Hazlewood Exemption to submit their application and supporting documents as soon as possible, and at least thirty days prior to the beginning of the semester.


Hazlewood Exemption


Important Information

State Law requires that to be eligible, students must submit their application and all supporting documents prior to the last class day of the semester. Failure to meet this deadline and the resulting loss of eligibility is not subject to appeal.

Students are responsible for payment of tuition and fees by published deadlines until approval of their Hazlewood Exemption has been confirmed. Not all charges are eligible for exemption. Students must refer to their student account on Howdy and pay non-exempted charges by published deadlines. 

Texas veterans, and children using benefits transferred from a parent who is a veteran, and children and spouses of veterans who are 100% disabled with respect to employability, missing in action, or were killed in action.

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