Returning Students


Summer 2024 due dates are now available. Go to the Due Dates page to learn more.
Returning Students
Welcome Back, Ags!

Do your part and set up Direct Deposit with Flywire, to avoid delays with your future refunds.

Click on the link below to our refunds page and learn the steps to sign up for Flywire Direct Deposit.

Set up Direct Deposit

Your Payment To-Do List

To help you get back in the swing of things, we listed a few action items you may need to take care of to get off to a great start of the semester:

  1. Log in to the secure Howdy Portal and click on the Tuition Payment icon or go directly to the bill payment suite at
  2. Verify your Authorized User information by selecting the Manage Now button under Quick Links in the Account Summary tab. You can add a new Authorized User if you'd like.
  3. Update your payment information in the new system. If you had that information saved in the previous system, it did not automatically transfer to the new one for security reasons.
  4. Sign up for the Payment Plan if that is what you'd like to use this semester. If not, refer to our Due Dates page to know when your payment in full is due.
  5. Use our tutorial videos or guides below to familiarize yourself with the new bill payment system. You will love the new design and features!
  6. In your secure Howdy Portal, click on the Howdy Checklist icon to see if action items require your attention.
  7. Visit Aggie Answers if you have questions or issues with your student account or Text SBS during business hours.

Online Payment Resources

User Guides

Take advantage of our user guides below and save them on your mobile device or desktop if you need to. They are there to help.

Adding an Authorized User (Students)

Signing up for the Payment Plan

Making a Payment In Full

Your Aggie Card and You

Do you need to report a lost or stolen Aggie Card? Don't worry, we've got your back!


Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fee Plans

Review Tuition and Fee Plans.

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Tuition Calculator

Estimate your cost of attendance with the Tuition Calculator.

Explore My Costs

Have a Question About Your Student Account?

Miss Rev has answers on the Aggie One Stop website.

Ask Miss Rev

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