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Adding and Dropping Courses

A student may drop courses during the first five days of a fall or spring semester (the first four days of a summer term). Students also may drop classes with special permission of the dean through the 12th class day of a fall or spring term. Full refunds will be given for courses dropped during these periods provided the student remains enrolled in at least one class. Refunds will not be issued for classes dropped after the 12th class day. Any credit balance on a student account as a result of dropping courses will not be refunded until after the fifth class day. A student may add courses during the first five days of a fall or spring semester. Refunds will not be issued for Q-Dropped courses.

All students receiving Post-9/11 GI Bill® tuition and fees education benefits are reminded that under the Isakson & Roe Improvement Act of 2020, overpayments for dropped courses (reduced or terminated enrollment after the start of the semester) will no longer be collected by the Veterans Administration. Instead, funds will be returned to the VA by Texas A&M University, and you may see a balance due on your student account.

Dropping to Zero Hours (Withdrawing)

Before the first day of class, students may drop all courses through the add/drop process. As of the first day of the semester, students may not drop all courses through the drop/add process. Instead, they must begin the official withdrawal process online through Howdy (see below for additional information regarding the withdrawal process).

Howdy Withdrawing From the University Process



Withdrawing or Refund Schedules 

(per Texas Education Code 54.006)

Withdrawing or Refund Schedule: Fall 2022 Term  
Semester Time Credit Dates
Fall 2022 Before the first day of class 100 percent 8/23/22 or before
During the first five days of class 80 percent 8/24/22 thru 8/30/22
During the second five days of class 70 percent 8/31/22 thru 9/6/22
During the third five days of class 50 percent 9/7/22 thru 9/13/22
During the fourth five days of class 25 percent 9/14/22 thru 9/20/22
After the fourth five days of class None 9/21/22 or after

Tuition & Fee Adjustments for Withdrawal From the University 

Once the University has accepted payment for tuition and fees, a student is considered officially enrolled unless otherwise restricted from enrolling. Stopping payment on a check for fees or allowing the check to be returned unpaid by the bank for any reason does not constitute official withdrawal.

  • Before classes begin, you may go online to Howdy and cancel your courses and options for the semester.
  • After classes begin, you must go through the official withdrawal process to cancel registration for the semester. In Howdy, go to the Student Withdrawal channel on the My Record tab to begin the online withdrawal process. Failure to complete the withdrawal process will result in forfeiture of tuition and fee adjustments, and course work may be recorded as incomplete or failed.
  • Failure to follow procedures for withdrawing from the University may result in financial penalties and delays in future enrollment in the University. Once a student registers, he/she is responsible for the total fees assessed regardless of whether the installment option is used. Refund percentages are applied to the total fees assessed and not the amount paid. This means that students who withdraw before paying all installments may still owe the University in the event of withdrawal.
  • Financial Aid Recipients should talk to a Financial Aid Counselor before withdrawing. Students receiving funds from scholarships and Financial Aid should be aware of policies regarding withdrawal from the University. These policies are consistent with Federal regulations. Calculation of tuition and fee refunds due to withdrawal are based on all charges the University has assessed the student. When a student has elected various optional services to their fee statement, the total dollar value of these optional services will also be used to determine whether repayment of any grant or Federal Perkins Loan will be required. Federal regulations require a pro-rata refund calculation for all first-time students who receive Title IV, particularly State student aids at a post-secondary institution of higher education and who withdraw during a payment period (semester). The time a refund must be calculated is up to 60% of the payment period. First-time students include freshmen and transfers.
  • All students receiving Post-9/11 GI Bill® tuition and fees education benefits are reminded that under the Isakson & Roe Improvement Act of 2020, overpayments for dropped courses (reduced or terminated enrollment after the start of the semester) will no longer be collected by the Veterans Administration. Instead, funds will be returned to the VA by Texas A&M University, and you may see a balance on your student account.

Please Note: Tuition and fee adjustments shall be made to students officially withdrawing from the University for charges listed below according to the following refund schedule (per Texas Education Code 54.006):
  • It may take 30 days for all adjustments to be made to your student account. Pay remaining balances though Howdy to avoid registration and transcript holds.
  • Please check MyAggieLoans for any outstanding institutional loans owed to the university.
  • To receive a refund on any eligible credits, please update your direct deposit information with Heartland ECSI. Visit Student Refunds for more information.

MyAggieLoans Refunds

Additional Refund Information

Contact Student Business Services by clicking on the Text SBS button at the bottom of this page (available to mobile users ONLY) or email us.


Residence Hall Rent/Deposit

If a student withdraws, moves off-campus, or in any other way terminates the academic year housing contract, a refund of residence hall rent may be made according to the above schedule. Any changes to the rent refund schedule will be detailed in the housing contract. The academic year contract period is from when the contract is signed to the end of the fourth week of classes in the spring semester. Exceptions to this policy may be made for students who cancel their contract for the following reasons: co-op or student teaching assignment, academic restriction, graduation, and medical withdrawal with the necessary paperwork. Any cancellations made after the first day of classes for the fall semester will result in additional late penalties.


Athletic Refunds

Refunds are not allowed for individual games or games missed. Prorated refunds will be given only in the event of withdrawal from the University. For information on refunds, contact the Athletic Business Office at (979) 845-2313.


Meal Plan Refunds

No meal plan refunds or conversions will be allowed after the fourth week of class.


Identification Card

No refunds are given for the ID Card Fee.



Customers wanting to park only for a portion of the year may return the permit any time before July 31 for Prorated Parking.

Please Note: Customers who return their permit lose their priority as previous customers.

Assignment Process



Yearbook charges are fully refundable during the semester in which payment is made. After that, no refunds will be made on canceled orders. Yearbooks must be picked up during the academic year they are published. Students who will not be on campus when the yearbooks are published, usually by September 1, must pay a mailing and handling fee. Yearbooks will not be held, nor will they be mailed, without payment of the mailing and handling fee. Refunds will not be made on books not picked up within one semester of the publication date. Refunds will not be made before 21 days from the date of payment. *Refund policies contained herein reflect policies in effect at the time of publication and are subject to change.


Reductions in Rates for Late Entry to the University

No reduction will be made in the charge of room rent and board in case of the entrance within 10 days after the opening of a semester or summer term, nor will a refund be made in case of withdrawal during the last 10 days of a semester or summer term, or the last days for which payment is made.


Withdrawal Due to Call-Up to Military Duty

Withdrawal Due to Call-Up to Active Military Duty: A particular procedure has been established for students who must withdraw from the university because they have been called to active military duty.

Military Withdrawal Process

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