International Payments

Refund Alert:

Texas A&M has a new refund delivery servicer in FLYWIRE. To avoid delays with upcoming refunds, all students must set up Direct Deposit with FLYWIRE.
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Flywire International Payments

If paying with a foreign account (non-U.S.) or if you want to pay via wire, select the “INTERNATIONAL AND WIRE PAYMENTS” payment method under the “MAKE PAYMENT” tab. It’s a secure, streamlined payment process that makes it easy to pay from accounts in your home country. You can pay online from countries around the world, typically in your home currency with payment methods familiar to you, all powered by Flywire.

  • Pay from accounts in your home country, outside of the US. For most countries and territories, you pay in your home currency and Texas A&M receives the exact amount in USD.
  • Use payment methods that range from bank transfers, credit cards, e-payments like Alipay支付宝, and more for most countries and territories. Avoid unnecessary bank fees and receive favorable foreign exchange rates, all disclosed upfront.
  • Use the payment tracking link provided to track the progress of your payment or obtain the banking details to complete your transaction.
  • Flywire multilingual customer support is available around the clock to assist with your payment with office locations all over the world!

Make A Payment

Steps to Make Payment:

  1. Log in to Howdy Portal and navigate to the Bill Payment Suite. Click the Make Payment button and select International and Wire Payment from the payment methods provided.
  2. Select your country your account resides in and confirm the amount due, then click Next.
  3. Select your preferred payment option from the options provided. Depending on your country, you will see various payment methods including bank transfer, credit card, Alipay支付宝, and more.
  4. Complete all payer and student information required to see the payment instruction page.
  5. Follow the payment instruction displayed to send the money to Flywire and complete the transfer.
  6. You can track your payment with the link.
Options include:
  • eCheck (securely add your preferred bank account for easy payment each time)
  • Credit/Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, ATM Debit Cards); securely add your preferred card for easy checkout each time you pay
  • International & Wire Payment
    • International bank wire, credit card, online/eWallet, plus other options may be available depending on the originating country
    • Bank wire from a US bank account



Howdy PortalMy Finance tabPay My Tuition/Manage My Account → Pay My Tuition and Fees


Watch Flywire Video (English)     Watch Flywire Video (Chinese)


How To Pay (India)    How To Pay (China)


For payment questions or assistance, contact Flywire multilingual customer support.



Phone: +1 800 346 9252



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