Student Refunds

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The Federal Government has made changes to the student refund process. As a result, Wells Fargo can no longer issue refunds to students.  Texas A&M University has selected a new vendor to provide this service - Heartland/ECSI.  We have worked with Heartland/ECSI for a number of years with other services and are confident that they can provide refund services to students. Students may receive refunds for many different reasons, such as financial aid, dropped classes, withdrawal, housing, or general deposit refunds. 

This change goes into effect on July 1, 2016.  Each student will be required to register with Heartland. If you are…

  • An incoming Freshman or Transfer student beginning classes this fall, you will need to register with Heartland/ESCI, even if you recently registered with Wells Fargo.
  • An existing student you are likely already registered with Wells Fargo.  You will still need to register with Heartland/ESCI.

Students will not need to change their existing banking relationships. Heartland will be able to direct refunds to the students’ financial institution of choice.

As of June 14, 2016, Heartland/ECSI began notifying students via e-mail of the need to register for direct deposit.  This e-mail provides instructions for registering and includes your “Heartland key” needed to complete the registration process.  In addition, students need to know their bank routing information (available on most bank websites) and their account number.

How to Set Up Direct Deposit with Heartland ESCI to Receive Your Refund

What you will need:

  • Heartland Key sent to your Texas A&M University email account.  This key is unique for each student to keep things secure.
  • Bank Routing & Account Number.  This can be found on your checks or bank statement.

What to do:

  • Login to  Be sure and use Google Chrome browser.
  • Register by creating your own profile.  Make sure and setup a unique login and password.
  • Setup the account you want your refund to go to using your Heartland key to join your account with the university.

Don’t have an email or think you may have deleted?

  • Contact Heartland ECSI Customer Service at 1-844-760-6052 to request that your Heartland key be resent
  • Heartland will request the following information from you in order to resend your secure key:
    • UIN
    • Texas A&M University Email Address
    • Date of Birth; Phone Number; Mailing Address

Other tips:

  • and My Finances tab also have a link to Heartland ECSI to set up your profile and refund information
  • Heartland ECSI Customer Service phone number is 1-844-760-6052; their hours of operation are 6:30am to 7:00pm (Central Time)