Tuition and Required Fees

To view a cost of attendance estimate that includes room and board, please visit Scholarships & Financial Aid Estimated Cost of Attendance.

Current Term Rates

The cost of attending Texas A&M University can vary, depending on a student's classification, residency status, personal needs and spending habits. Where the course is taught will also affect cost. Below are estimates to provide a reasonable idea of what it will cost to take a course or courses. The most current rates and information available at the time of publishing are used, and are subject to change.

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Tuition and Required Fees by Semester Credit Hour

These estimates do not include the following fees:

  • Distance Education Differential Tuition
  • Course-related Educational Enhancement, Equipment Access, Lab and/or Field Trip Fees
  • Optional Fees (housing, meal plans, parking, etc.)
  • General Deposit $100 fee for new, transfer, or re-admitted students, or ones without one on file
  • International Student Admin Fee of $500 per semester charged to third-party sponsored students
  • International Student Services Fee of $46 per semester
  • International Student Insurance
  • Orientation Fees
Fall 2018 – Spring 2019 Rate Sheets

Undergraduate Students

Health Science Center


Fall 2017 – Spring 2018 Rate Sheets

Undergraduate Students

Graduate Students

Veterinary Students

Law Students

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