Graduating Students

Financial Responsibilities

According to Texas A&M University Student Rules and Chapter 54.007 (c) of the Texas Education Code, all financial obligations to the University must be paid by the end of the semester. Failure to settle all financial obligations will result in your diploma being withheld at graduation. Additionally, a block will be placed on your student account which will prohibit registration in subsequent semesters and receipt of official transcripts.

  • Check your student account from the My Finances Tab in Howdy to make sure you do not owe a balance.
  • You can view outstanding short term or emergency tuition and fee loans by logging into MyAggieLoans.

Tuition Rebates After Graduation

Certain undergraduate students who attempt no more than three hours in excess of the minimum number of semester credit hours required to complete the degree under the catalog under which they were graduated may be entitled to a $1000.00 tuition rebate after graduation. Click here for a complete set of student and institutional responsibilities and other criteria. Application for the rebate must be made prior to receipt of baccalaureate degree.

Direct Deposit of Student Account Refunds

Tuition Rebates and General Deposit refunds are issued through your student account. Please login to the Howdy Portal to ensure that your Direct Deposit information is accurate. Go to the My Finances tab, then in the Refunds Channel, click on the "Set Up My Direct Deposit Information" link.

Address Corrections

Avoid future problems by ensuring that we have a good address and phone number on file to contact you. Please visit Howdy, click on the MyRecord tab, and locate the "address change" link.

Students Sponsored by a Third Party

Students that are sponsored by a third party must have their account paid in full by the end of the semester. The sponsor's failure to pay will result in the following:

  • the student will be assessed the charges the sponsor authorized Student Business Services to bill for,
  • the student account will be blocked from future registrations and receipt of official transcripts, and
  • the student's diploma will be withheld at graduation.

The most important thing we can stress is that you don't ignore your financial responsibilities.

Good luck in your future endeavors!