Additional Student Information

Important Information for Financial Aid Recipients

If you have accepted financial aid or loans in the amount sufficient to pay your tuition, your courses will not be cancelled, even if that financial aid is not yet been received on your student account. Financial aid that WILL NOT HOLD classes include: Non-A&M scholarships, Federal Parent Loans (PLUS), state or federal work study, and miscellaneous student loans or other funds that are paid directly to the student. These forms of financial aid do not count toward payment until the funds are credited to your tuition account. You must pay the amount not covered by financial aid before the late after date to avoid late payment penalties.

Questions regarding financial aid should be directed to the Department of Student Financial Aid:

Phone: (979) 845-3236
Office Hours 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. Monday–Friday

Short Term Loans are available for optional fees such as dorm, meal plan, commuter parking & much more. For info, contact Short Term Loan Office at 845-3955 or visit their website at

How to Get an "F" Without Really Trying. If you have accepted financial aid that is sufficient to pay your tuition and fees, or your tuition and fees are paid by a Third Party Sponsorship, you MUST advise the Registrar's Office or Student Business Services Office if you decide not to attend classes. Your registration will not be automatically cancelled and you will remain enrolled in your classes. If you fail to contact us, it can result in severe financial and academic penalties.

Supplementary Fee for Courses Attempted More than Twice at TAMU

A course that is repeated by a student more than twice at a public institution of higher education in Texas may not be reported for state funding. As a result, the institution must either pass the non-funded portion to all students, or charge a supplementary fee to the student that is repeating the course.

A student attempting certain courses more than twice at Texas A&M University will be subject to a supplementary fee of $125 per semester credit hour ($375 for a 3 hour course) for the repeated course, in addition to tuition and required fees associated with the course. For more information, go to Supplementary Fee for Courses Attempted More than Twice.

Campus Phone Numbers/Websites

Financial Aid (979) 845-3236
Admissions and Records (979) 845-1060
Aggie Card (979) 845-4661
Athletics Sports Pass (979) 845-2311
CIS - Student Printing (979) 845-8300
Competitive Scholarship Waivers (979) 845-3979
Graduate Assistantship Waivers (979) 845-7412
Health Center (979) 845-1511
Housing (979) 845-4744
Library (979) 845-5741
Meal Plans (979) 845-0152
Military Property (979) 845-2528
Parking/Buses (979) 862-7275
Registrar (979) 845-1031
Scholarships (979) 845-3982
Student Business Services (979) 847-3337
Student Loan Office (979) 845-8023
Transcripts (979) 845-1007
University Writing Center (979) 458-1455