Tuition and Fee Schedule

Academic Year 2015–2016

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General Information

Educational expenses for nine months will vary according to personal needs and course of study. For current cost of attendance estimates, visit Scholarships and Financial Aid's website. All tuition and fee amounts provided herein represent the most accurate figures available at the time of publication and are subject to change without notice.

Payments and Due Dates

Students are expected to meet all financial obligations to the University by designated due dates. Failure to pay amounts owed may result in cancellation of the student's registration and their being barred from future enrollment and receiving official transcripts. Payments returned for insufficient funds or invalid account may result in cancellation of the student's registration and restrictions on payment options if not cleared within the time period given.

Installment Plan

Tuition, most required fees, room, board and parking are are included in the installment plan which consists of four installments payable in equal payments during the semester. A $15 service charge to cover the cost of handling will be assessed to each student who chooses to use the installment plan. Students may pay their installments in advance at any time during a semester; however, the service charge will not be refunded.  Students who wish to pay fees in installments can select this option through Howdy. The installment plan is an option students must select each semester. There are penalties for failure to pay installments by their specified due dates. A late payment penalty is assessed for each payment not received on or before its installment due date. Students may also be subject to late registration charges and cancellation of courses if payment is not made by the late after date.

Cancellation or Withdrawal

Prior to the 20th class day (15th class day for summer term), the University reserves the right to cancel registrations not paid by their due date in order to free the classroom spaces for other students and insure the most efficient utilization of University resources.

Once a student has registered for classes, they must take one of the following courses of action to remain in good standing with the University:

  • Pay all amounts due by the specified due date
  • Drop all classes if prior to the first class day
  • Complete the online withdrawal process found in the Student Withdrawal channel on the My Record tab in Howdy if on or after the first class day 

This is especially important for students who have been awarded scholarships or financial aid since the aid may automatically pay tuition and fees and cause the registration to be held even though the student has decided not to attend. Failure to drop classes or officially withdraw and request cancellation of an unwanted registration may result in grades of F or I in all courses for the semester. The student will be required to reimburse the University for scholarships and other financial aid applied to his or her account and will be held responsible for paying all fees for the semester, regardless of whether he or she attended classes.

Failure to Pay

If a payment is delinquent when a semester ends, the student will be removed from the rolls of the University and will not receive credit for academic work performed.  Students will not be readmitted to the University until all past due balances, including late charges, are paid. If a student is removed from the rolls of the University or is withdrawn for failure to pay amounts owed the University, a $50 reinstatement fee will be assessed in addition to any other late fees or penalties already incurred and must be paid before the student will be reinstated. Payments can be made online at Howdy.

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Undergraduate Tuition

Locked Rate Cohort

(Tuition Only)

UG Resident

(12 Hours-varies by college)

UG Non-Resident

(12 Hours-varies by college)

2011-2012 $2,836.50 to $3,619.50 $11,482.50 to $12,265.50


$2,885.35 to $3,676.96

$11,706.76 to $12,498.37


$2,934.92 to $3,735.27

$11,849.08 to $12,649.43


$2,985.22 to $3,794.44

$11,993.49 to $12,802.71

$3,074.47 to $3,899.31

$12,370.82 to $13,195.66

Graduate Tuition


GR Resident

(9 Hours)

GR Non-Resident

(9 Hours)

Tuition Only $2,101.17 $5,674.08

Health Science Center - Tuition rates for the Health Science Center are not included.  For HSC tuition and fee rates, please visit HSC Tuition and Fee Rates.

CEHD Teacher Preparation Program

Undergraduate students enrolled in the professional phase of teacher preparation programs incur a differential tuition charge of $300 in each of the remaining fall and spring semesters. This differential tuition helps support field experiences, supervision, scholarships and international/urban experiences in culturally diverse settings.

Distance Education Differential Tuition

The rate to be charged for distance education courses will range from a minimum of $40 per semester credit hour to a maximum of $550 per semester credit hour. Each academic department will have an individual rate that will be approved annually by the President of Texas A&M University. The following are the initial rates (only departments above the $40 minimum rate are listed):



Rate per semester credit hour

Agriculture Economics $200
Agriculture Leadership, Education, and Communications $199
Animal Science $225
Biological & Agriculture Engineering $300
Entomology $150
Ecosystem Science and Management $60
Poultry Science $181
Soil & Crop Sciences $41
Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences $200
Nutrition & Food Services $200
Recreation, Parks & Tourism Science $262
Plant Pathology and Microbiology $300


DepartmentRate per semester credit hour
Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning – Undergraduate $150
Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning – Graduate $320
Architecture ARCH $250
Construction Science $250
Visualization $249


DepartmentRate per semester credit hour
Finance $454


DepartmentRate per semester credit hour
Educational Administration and Human Resource Development $133
Educational Psychology $153
Health and Kinesiology $144
Teaching, Learning & Culture $137


DepartmentRate per semester credit hour
Aerospace Engineering $540
Engineering Technology & Industrial Distribution $540
Civil Engineering $540
College of Engineering CLEN $540
Engineering ENGR $540
Industrial and Systems Engineering $540
Mechanical Engineering $540
Petroleum Engineering $540
Safety Engineering $540

Bush School

DepartmentRate per semester credit hour
Bush School $503


DepartmentRate per semester credit hour


Statistics - Undergraduate $69

Statistics - Graduate $150

Non-Funded Course Fee (3 peat)

A course that is repeated by a student more than twice at a public institution of higher education in Texas may not be reported for state funding. As a result, the institution must either pass the non-funded portion to all students, or charge a supplementary fee to the student that is repeating the course. (Regulation: §13.25 Formula Funding Exceptions)

A student attempting certain courses more than twice at Texas A&M University will be subject to a supplementary fee of $125 per semester credit hour ($375 for a 3 hour course) for the repeated course, in addition to tuition and required fees associated with the course. For more information, go to

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College Advancement Fee

The College Advancement fee is a required fee that is charged to graduate students per semester.  The College Advancement Fee amount will be added to the existing college wide program fee already charged for the college.  The College Advancement Fee replaces approximately 7200 course fees.

Agriculture  $77.47
Architecture $440.27
Business $95.81
Education $270.11
Engineering $129.45
Bush School $282.28
Geosciences $35.68
Liberal Arts $38.73
Science $26.50
Veterinary Medicine $81.54

Cooperative Education Fee

$75 charged to students participating in Cooperative Education to support program services.

Distance Education Administration Fee

This $30.00 per semester credit hour administrative fee is assessed to Non-Funded Out-of-State students taking distance education courses.

Field Trip Fees

Field trip fees are assessed to cover the cost of providing trips and vary depending on the course taken and expected expenses.

Health Center

This $72.50 per semester fee ($25.00 per summer five week term) is required of all students for the purpose of operating, maintaining and equipping the University Health Center and entitles the student to its services. These services do not include surgical operations or charges for consultations with outside physicians requested by parents.

International Student Services (ISS) Fee

This $46 fee is required of all students who are not US citizens or who are not US permanent residents to offset the cost of specialized services International Student Services provides to these students, such as immigration advising, certificate of eligibility document issuance (I-20/DS-2019), verification and monitoring of legal status, status changes, extensions of legal status, approve or help with the approval of on and off campus work authorizations, social/academic adjustment, orientation programming, administration of special scholarships and programs for these students.


The University is required to assess and collect a laboratory fee not less than $2 nor more than $30.00 for each laboratory course to cover in general the cost of laboratory materials and supplies used by a student.

Orientation Fees

New Student Orientation

A non-refundable new student orientation fee of $100 is charged to all students who attend a new student conference.

New Graduate Student Fee

A non-refundable new graduate student fee of $50.00 is charged to all new graduate students. The fee is used to support the Graduate Studies office related to recruitment and new graduate student activities.

New International Student Orientation

A non-refundable new international student orientation fee of $35 is charged to all new international students.

Program Fees

Bush School of Government and Public Service Graduate Program Fee

The graduate program fee of $1,282.28 (includes College Advancement Fee) is assessed each fall and spring semester of the Bush school graduate degree programs. The fee is used to support high quality, unique educational program elements; special student services and support activities; student scholarships; and the various activities of the Bush School graduate programs.

College of Architecture Graduate Program Fee

The fee structure is $1440.27 (includes College Advancement Fee) for each fall and spring semester.  The program fee will be applied to full-time College of Architecture graduate students enrolled for nine credit hours or more at Texas A&M University. The program will be pro-rated for part-time students. The fee will be charged for each of the colleges graduate degree programs.

Executive Masters of Health Administration Program Fee

The fee structure is $800 per semester credit hour and is used to support all program materials and supplies, student orientations, staff support, travel, and related operational expenses.

Law School Program Fee

The fee structure for Full-time students taking 13-16 hours is $33,092.00 and for those Part-time students taking 9-12 hours is $24,069.00.

Master of Real Estate Program Fee

The fee structure is $1650-$2000 per semester for each fall and spring semester for continuing MLER majors, and $2500 to new majors entering Fall of 2015.  It will be used to further enhance the program through the support of career services, student advising, curriculum development, and enrichment experiences.

Masters of Industrial Distribution Program Fee

The fee structure is $10,000/year and is used to support all program materials, residency week, Global Distribution Program, Capstone Project and Graduation as we as a program specialist to support the planning and logistics of all activities.

Master of Science in Economics Program Fee

The fee structure is $3000 for each fall and spring. This fee supports all activities surrounding the Masters Economics degree.

Master of Science Analytics Program Fee

The fee structure is $25,000 per year to support the program.

Mays MBA Program Fee

The fee structure is $8000/semester for new majors, $6,424 (entering 2013-2014), $5,424 (entering in 2012), $5,000 (entering in 2011), $4,000 (entering in 2009-2010). The fee is used to support the MBA Program office, Graduate Business Career Services, and the various activities of the Mays MBA Program.

Mays Masters' Program Fee

The fee structure is $2000 (entering in 2015), $1700 (entering in 2013-2014), $700 (entering in 2009-2012) for each fall and spring semester and $200 for each five week summer session. The fee supports the Graduate Business Career Services office and other placement and admission resources for Mays Masters students.

Sponsored International Students

An administrative fee not to exceed $500 per semester or summer session (all or part thereof) will be required to support international sponsored students whose programs are coordinated through Sponsored Student Programs, unless these fees are waived as part of negotiated contractual agreements.

Student Recreation Center

This $106.00 per semester fee ($53.00 per summer five week term) is assessed to all students enrolled at Texas A&M University to provide funding for operation and maintenance of the Student Recreation Center.

Student Center Complex

This $100.00 per semester fee ($50.00 per summer five week term) is required of all students for operating, maintaining, improving, and equipping the Student Center Complex.

University Advancement Fee

The University Advancement Fee ($1326.09 - $1360.89 for 12 hours) is a required fee charged to all Texas A&M University students each semester. The Advancement fee funds services such as advising, the Career Center, Writing Center, technology and libraries as well as administrative services such as ID services, the campus bus system, billing and refunds, access for students to discounted software and many of the services provided through the Division of Student Affairs.

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Meal Plan

Dining Plans

For Dining Plan rates, please access the University Dining webpage at, and click on Dining Plans.


Residence Hall Room Rates

All students living in residence halls are required to pay room rent. Rooms are furnished with beds, mattresses, desks, chairs and dressers. Students are expected to furnish their own pillows, blankets and linens. Room rents include heat, lights and cleaning of common areas. (Rates are subject to change.) For more information, please contact Residence Life at


General Deposit

A deposit of $100 is required of every student to insure the institution against losses, damages, and breakage for which the student is responsible, or to be used to offset in part amounts owed by the student to the institution. General deposits are returned to students, less any such amounts owed to the institution, within a reasonable period after the date of the student's withdrawal or graduation from the institution, not to exceed 180 days. The deposit retention period provides the University sufficient time to identify all amounts owed, and to determine if the student intends to enroll in the semester or summer session immediately following the student's withdrawal or graduation or, if the student withdraws or graduates in the spring semester, in the next fall semester. If a student leaves the University without graduating or officially withdrawing, they must submit a written request to Student Business Services to receive a refund of their deposit. Deposits for students that do not graduate, withdraw or otherwise request a refund remain on file for four years. Those deposits are forfeited to the University’s General Deposit Scholarship Fund, after deducting any amounts owed the University.

College of Business Administration Masters Enrollment Deposit

$500 applied to first semester registration charges for students who complete enrollment. Deposit is forfeited for students who fail to enroll for classes.

Mays MIS Enrollment Deposit

$500 applied to first semester registration charges for students who complete enrollment. Deposit is forfeited for students who fail to enroll for classes.


Athletic Events

All Sports with Football ($290.00) Student tickets for all home sports. (Fall & Spring)

For more information, please go to

Golf Course

Golf Memberships

Playing golf at Texas A&M is easier than you think.  For more information, visit

Military Property

ROTC Uniform Rental

Cadets enrolled in Army, Air Force or Naval ROTC will be furnished the basic cadet uniforms. Cadets who are not enrolled in ROTC (Drills and Ceremonies Cadets) are required to pay a rental charge per semester for use of uniforms. For more information on corps uniforms, please see Corps of Cadets.

Office of Graduate Studies

Thesis/Dissertation/Record of Study Fee (Processing Fee)

This fee includes the review, processing and archiving of each thesis/dissertation/record of study. Archival formats include microfilm or digital storage. The fee does not include binding of personal copies. Information on binding personal copies is available at the Thesis Office or on the Web site
Masters fee: $110
Doctoral fee: $170

Records Diplomas

Diploma Fee

A non-refundable fee of $47.50 per degree sought ($100 for Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry, Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy, College of Nursing, and School of Public Health) is assessed the semester a student applies for graduation. This fee is payable each time a student applies for graduation. An additional late application fee of $50 per degree will be charged for those who apply after the set deadline.

Returned Check Charge

If a check or electronic check accepted by the university is returned by the bank on which it is drawn, the person presenting it will be required to pay a returned check service charge of $30.00. If the check is for tuition or fees, the student registration for that semester or term may be canceled.

Student Business Services

Late Penalties

Students who fail to pay fees and installments when due are assessed a $25.00 - $50.00 late payment fee for each payment or installment paid late.

Late Registration/Add Penalties

Students who register on or after the first day of classes, but before the thirteenth day of classes (before the 4th class day for summer sessions) are assessed a $100 late registration fee. Students who register after the twelfth class day are assessed a $200 late registration penalty (4th class day for summer sessions). Students who add classes after the Census Date (12th class day for fall and spring term and 4th class day for summer sessions) that result in a net increase in hours enrolled are assessed a $50 late add fee. This includes students who do not pay by these dates. Note: The University reserves the right to cancel registrations not paid by their due date, or by the official census date for semester or summer term, to comply with state laws requiring payment of tuition and fees. The late registration fee and late add fee will be applied to student accounts that are required to reenroll because their registrations were cancelled for non-payment. Registrations are subject to cancellation and/or financial penalties if sufficient payment is not received before 5:00 p.m. on the last business day before classes begin and on the Census Date (12th class day for fall and spring term and 4th class day for summer sessions), to free the classroom spaces for other students, and to ensure the most efficient use of University resources.

Reinstatement Fee

Students who fail to pay all fees by the last day of the semester will be administratively withdrawn from the University and charged a $50 reinstatement fee.

Student Publications

Student Directory & Yearbook

For more information visit,

Study Abroad

Independent International Study Fee

A $100 fee covering services provided by Study Abroad Programs associated with students who elect to go abroad and transfer credit back to Texas A&M. Such services include advising students and departments on key issues and procedures before, during and after programs abroad; overseeing transfer credit paperwork; maintaining library and computer resources for those who want to pursue independent opportunities abroad; and overseeing issues related to affiliated programs abroad.

Transportation Services

Parking Permit

Required of all students who park motor vehicles on campus. (Rates are subject to change.)Permits may be purchased online. For further information regarding parking or transportation at Texas A&M, please visit Transportation Services website at, call (979) 862-PARK, or email


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